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Deep Clean For Terraced House In High Wycombe

We recently met up with an “accidental landlord” in High Wycombe who had inherited a small 2 bedroom terraced house and wasn’t sure originally, whether he wanted to sell it or rent it out. He had decided to rent it out for a year, whilst he decided, and prior to new tenants moving in, arranged by a High Wycombe letting agency, he wanted it to have a deep clean throughout.

Although the property had been well maintained structurally and decorated recently in several rooms it did need a deep clean and a musty smell was noticeable as soon as you walked through the door.

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High Wycombe Apartment Gets A Deep Clean

Dustbusters’ services were recently used by a landlord, based in London, who has several flats and apartments in High Wycombe.

For 1 particular 2 bedroom apartment the existing tenants were moving out and new tenants were moving in 1 week later. The landlord asked Dustbusters to carry out a thorough deep clean throughout the small apartment.
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Deep Clean For 2 Flats In High Wycombe Converted Into 1 House!

We were recently asked by a High Wycombe landlord to meet at a property he owned to the west of the centre of High Wycombe. It was a property that he had recently bought that consisted of 2 flats that he had converted back to what it had been originally – just 1 house.

However, although the property didn’t have much furniture in the dust had got everywhere throughout the entire building and ingrained into several carpets that had not been removed or properly covered.
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Refurbished Newsagents Deep Clean In High Wycombe

New owners for a newsagents on the outskirts of High Wycombe called us to see if we could give the shop they were taking over a thorough deep clean. We met with the owners that evening and went through the various services we could provide for the shop.

The shop sold a wide range of goods and had a mix of laminate flooring and hard wearing commercial carpet tiles – both of which needed a thorough cleaning. The walls, shelving, windows and counter area had also seen better days but with a deep clean would keep up looking shiny and new.
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Refurbished Restaurant Gets Deep Clean In High Wycombe

We recently visited a restaurant in High Wycombe that was getting a make-over. The new owner had a limited budget but wanted to put his own “stamp” on the interior design.

Whilst he was going to redecorate the walls and ceilings and have new ornaments and photos on the wall, he couldn’t afford to replace the carpet, wooden floor, curtains or tables and chairs.
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Deep Clean For High Wycombe Flat

We were recently approached by a landlord who had a flat to the north of the centre of High Wycombe who was letting out the property for students attending the Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe.

Previously the property had been on an annual let and the latest tenants had moved out. The landlord wanted Dustbusters Cleaning to carry our a deep clean throughout the entire flat prior to the new tenants moving in.

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning For High Wycombe Restaurant

A restaurant in High Wycombe was recently taken over by new owners, they contacted us regarding our carpet and furniture upholstery cleaning services. The owners wanted the carpets and upholstery to be cleaned before they opened the restaurant. We provided them with a detailed free quote for our cleaning services and after the fees were agreed we started working.

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