End Of Tenancy Cleaning In Buckinghamshire.

The tenants of a house in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire recently enquired regarding our end of tenancy cleaning services. The tenants needed the entire house to be deep cleaned in our order to receive their deposits from the landlord once they moved out of the property. We provided a free quote and the tenants agreed with the quoted prices.

The house needed to be cleaned thoroughly both upstairs and downstairs. We started downstairs in the kitchen. The kitchen worktop surfaces were covered in food and grease stains. Using our specialist antibacterial spray, we removed these stains and killed up to 99.9% of the harmful bacteria on the surfaces. The hardwood kitchen floor was then vacuumed and polished, using only the finest polishes to create a natural shine and low slip finish. To finish our cleaning in the kitchen, we cleaned the oven. The oven hadn’t been cleaned properly since the tenants first moved into the house meaning there was a thick build-up of grime that needed to be removed.

The lounge was the next room we focused on. The carpet was stained and marked where the tenants had spilled food and drinks. Our specialist carpet cleaning method ensured that these stains are marks were removed completely. The method involves; dry vacuuming, pre-spraying, steam cleaning, applying stain protector and deodorising the carpets. We then polished the furniture, emptied the rubbish bins and tidied up any loose objects to complete the lounge.

To complete our deep cleaning of the house, we cleaned each of the 3 bedrooms. This involved vacuuming the carpets, polishing the furniture, removing the dust on the skirting boards and window sills, emptying the bins and cleaning the inside of the windows.

The landlord of the house in Buckinghamshire was impressed with results and therefore the tenants received their deposits in full. Both the landlord and tenants said they would recommend our end of tenancy cleaning services.

If you are interested in our End Of Tenancy cleaning services in Buckinghamshire, please contact us via email – andy@dustbusterscleaning.net or Telephone – 01494 522 120.

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