House Clean In Downley, High Wycombe

We were recently asked to carry out a deep clean for a 3 bedroom detached house in the Downley area to the west of High Wycombe. A family had bought the house from a landlord who had previously rented out the house. Although the landlord had cleaned the house after the tenants had left, the family moving in weren’t too impressed and called Dustbusters Cleaning after a friend had recommended us.

The family were on a tight budget and couldn’t afford to replace the carpets, wooden floor or the wooden blinds and curtains that had been left in the house. The family arranged to move into the house 2 days after they had completed the purchase giving us a “short window” to get in and carry out a deep clean throughout the entire house.

We started at 8.00am on the first day focusing on the carpets which were present in all 3 bedrooms and the dining room. Using a low moisture cleaning technique we quickly cleaned the carpets. Where stains were present we applied special chemicals and with using a low moisture technique the carpets would be dry in under 2 hours.

Whilst the carpets dried we focused on the wooden floors throughout the remainder of the house – except the main bathroom and ensuite bathroom that had laminate flooring. For the wooden flooring we gave it a thorough clean before applying a light polish which brought back the natural wood colour and the grain in the wood making it look really good.

The 2 rooms with the laminate flooring were quickly washed and the rest of the bathrooms had a thorough clean removing the years of grime and dust that had built up in areas not always seen. By now the carpets had dried providing a lovely clean look, the pile texture reinvigorated, a fresh natural fragrance and the stains were largely invisible.

The kitchen is an area that always needs a thorough clean with a build up of grease attracting dirt. Using our professional cleaning eco-friendly chemicals and some “elbow grease” the kitchen quickly saw a dramatic improvement with the tiled surfaces shining, the worktops glistening, and the brushed steel oven hood looking as good as new.

We cleaned all the windows and window frames inside and out whilst the window blinds were thoroughly dusted.

By the end of the long day (6.30pm) we were ready to meet the family who visited the property and were extremely pleased with how clean the house was and the fresh fragrance throughout and even though we had replaced one of the carpets it looked so new!

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