Hardwood Floor Cleaning For Community Centre In High Wycombe.

The hardwood flooring of a community centre in High Wycombe recently needed to be cleaned and polished. A charity was using the community centre to host a fundraising event and therefore wanted the flooring to be cleaned professionally. We provided them a free quote and after the price was agreed upon, we started cleaning. Continue reading

Window Cleaning for Residential Care Homes in Bucks and Herts

Dustbusters are providers of window cleaning for residential care homes. Ware pleased to announce they have recently been awarded 2 new contracts, window cleaning for residential care home providers- Porthaven and Signature Care.
These residential care home providers offer some of the best care in the UK and demand a high standard of cleanliness in all areas of their care homes including the window cleaning. Continue reading

Regular Domestic Cleaning for 5-Bedroom House In High Wycombe.

Owners of a large 5-bedroom house in High Wycombe recently enquired regarding our weekly domestic cleaning services. The owners both have full time jobs are therefore have difficulty in finding time to clean the house thoroughly. We provided them with a free quote for our weekly domestic cleaning services, which they accepted. So, we arranged that we would clean the house every Saturday morning. Continue reading

Deep Clean For Terraced House In High Wycombe

We recently met up with an “accidental landlord” in High Wycombe who had inherited a small 2 bedroom terraced house and wasn’t sure originally, whether he wanted to sell it or rent it out. He had decided to rent it out for a year, whilst he decided, and prior to new tenants moving in, arranged by a High Wycombe letting agency, he wanted it to have a deep clean throughout.

Although the property had been well maintained structurally and decorated recently in several rooms it did need a deep clean and a musty smell was noticeable as soon as you walked through the door.

Continue reading

Deep Cleaning For An Exhibition Space In High Wycombe.

Owners of a large exhibition space in High Wycombe contacted us regarding our deep cleaning services. The owners needed the exhibition space to be deep cleaned before showing it to potential clients to hire. We provided the owners with a free quote, and they were happy to go ahead with our deep cleaning service.
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