Residential Care Home Window Cleaning in Aylesbury

Dustbusters Cleaning Ltd, have been providing  Residential Care Home Window Cleaning in Aylesbury and the South East of England for over 10 years.

This week we have cleaned the windows of  a residential home for the elderly in Aylesbury . The care home have found Dustbuster’s commercial window cleaning cost effective for them and invaluable to their requirements.

window image with coffee cupThere was a need for an initial window clean to bring the home up to a good standard to enable maintaining a better standard of cleaning going forward.

The window cleaning of the residential care home in Aylesbury  involved cleaning the exterior windows and communal areas. We also cleaned the gutters

It is vital to any commercial premises, but especially residential care homes, to have a clean, safe and welcoming environment for residents, visitors and staff alike. We work with the home to ensure the highest standards of cleaning are maintained on each visit. Frames and sills are included in each clean as well as other glass areas such as balcony glass, skylights and conservatory roof glass.

We are accredited safe contractors and ensure good practice such as place warning signs around the buildings to prevent trips and falls.

We use a  telescopic water fed pole system to minimize any working at height  and  to reach otherwise unsafe or difficult areas.

Whether you manage a small or large residential care home , the premise often has  unique requirements. We have in-depth experience of window cleaning and a range of exterior cleaning solutions allowing  us to deliver cleaning services to suit each client ‘s particular needs.

After discussions with the care home maintenance manager and house keeper to ascertain their requirements we implemented a routine and specification that ensured all the windows were cleaned properly and safely .

Care home managers , housekeepers looking for Residential Care Home window cleaning in Aylesbury can contact Andy Campbell for a no obligation quote and visit. Call him on 01494 522120 email

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