Sustainable Domestic Cleaning


Our domestic carpet cleaning services use tried and tested methods best suited to get the optimum results for YOUR particular carpet needs.. We use highly effective organic cleaning products that are the healthiest way to clean your carpets.

At Dust Busters we can offer a variety of cleaning methods, including deep cleaning, normally referred to as ‘hot water extraction’ or ‘steam cleaning’.. Hot water extraction is regarded as the best method and most healthy choice for your carpets.

Pre – Inspection

Prior to any carpet cleaning a thorough pre – inspection is carried out of your carpet to identify any particular areas of concern. If you have heavy stains, these will be inspected and if necessary they will be treated prior to deep cleaning.

Dry Vacuuming

The carpets are vacuumed first. Carpets can hide soil and dry particles which make up 85% of the carpets’ soiling.

Pre – Spray

For heavy soiling, the deep cleaning begins with a special pre – spray which is applied and massaged into the carpet.

Deep Extraction Cleaning

Deep extraction cleaning or “Steam Cleaning” as it is also known involves rinsing off the pre -spray from the carpet and extracting out all of the cleaning products as well as all of the soiling and pollutants.

Optional Application of Stain Protector

Stain protector can be sprayed and brushed into the carpet to ensure that it is spread evenly. Our Professional Stain protector is like an invisible shield coating the carpet fibres and protecting them from spot and spill damage.


The carpet and room will smell fresher – especially if pets were previously present. Deoderising treatment also gets rid of many types of bacteria.

Please note pet smells may take a number of treatments and longer dwell times to remove the smell. If the carpet’s backing has become tainted this may require replacing the carpet.

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Green Credentials

Choosing a cleaning solutions provider with the greenest credentials reflects well on your business and communicates a valuable ethical image as well as being healthier for you.

We want to give our clients the assurance we are as committed to sustainability and protecting the environment as they are. How many cleaning firms provide their staff with zero emission vehicles?

Being green does not mean compromising on cleaning power. We have carefully researched and tested the cleaning products we use to ensure they will perform to the standards required.

These include: zero emission electric vehicle, eco-friendly equipment, minimal product waste and carbon emissions using super concentrates, biodegradable plastics, and of course no chemicals.

We are certified by Green Accord, an industry recognised ecological accreditation organisation as well as the international environmental accreditation ISO14001.


For all your domestic cleaning requirements using the latest ethical products and techniques.

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